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Review in VISTAS, May 2016 and UMBRELLA (Quinte Arts Council) Winter 2016

by Chris Inrig

This beautifully written book deals with the subject of post-traumatic stress. Its two main characters, Will Nicol and Michael Isaacs are fellow soldiers who become friends in the First World War. The book begins with Will making his way home to Hastings County, back to the family farm. There he reconnects with his niece, Leah, and helps to run the farm. The transition back to rural life is filled with detailed flashbacks about the terrible conditions, violence witnessed, and tragic things the soldiers were called to do. They spent time in a monastery where they were aided in their healing and given skills to help deal with their PTSD by some dedicated priests. Michael was from the Tyendinago tribe and hoped to open a school as he had been trained as a teacher. Back in Canada, however, the battle continued. Michael also returns to Canada and is reunited with his friend, Will.

The book is alive with description of personal struggles and wartime reminiscences. Well-written and engaging, Anne Shmelzer has offered us a poetic look into the lives of three people — two soldiers and the woman left behind in Canada to await Will’s homecoming.

A Marginally Noted Man is available through, Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, and iBooks. It can be purchased at Books on Beechwood, 35 Beechwood Avenue, or at Perfect Books, 258A Elgin Street.

Source: from VISTAS, May 2016 issue

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